This month we are highlighting the women behind 32 Winds Wine in celebration of International Women’s Day. Many of you know that our team at 32 Winds is small but we are mighty! The women here make up the majority of that small team, each bringing their own unique strengths to the table and contributing to the success of 32 Winds.

First up is the one and only, Sherry Harkins.

A woman with a glass of wine in the vineyard

Sherry is the big heart behind the magic of life and culture at 32 Winds. She leads the team with abundance and optimism and a strong passion for building a lasting connection to the land and our stewardship of it. Gathering with family and friends, every chance she gets, is what fuels Sherry. With an extensive background in Food & Wine, Marketing and Hospitality, sharing all things 32 Winds is second nature.

To get to know her a little better we asked her a few questions:

What drew you to Sonoma County?

As a 5th generation northern Californian, Sonoma County has always been part of my world. My grandparents spent their summers at Summer Home Park and Camp Rose on the Russian River. My dad was raised in San Francisco but “grew up” on the river. Family members began flipping the scenario, living in Sonoma County full time and visiting the city about 60 years ago. And that works for me as well!

What is your favorite part of your job?

The people, the wines and the soil. I love our wines at 32 Winds, I love the people I meet and the experiences and memories we provide, but my heart is in the dirt. Which, of course, is where it all begins. The vines are nourished, the grapes are nurtured, and the air is cleansed…life begins. We are fortunate in Sonoma County to enjoy bountiful gifts from our earth everyday and I hope to give back back some in return.

What is your favorite wine varietal?

My father used to answer that with, “whatever is in my glass!”. It seems to be a moving target for me and morphs daily. I love a beautiful Chenin Blanc or a dry Rosé and our Pinot Noir is always my go-to. I am leaning towards lower alcohol wines which seem to suit my palate these days. Whether it’s my age, my palate, or my experience, it all plays a role in my favorites du jour. Ask me tomorrow…could be different!

How do you like to spend your days off?

My days off are definitely a work in progress. With a very small team, even when away from 32 Winds, we are usually in contact and always available if anyone needs help. That being said, I could write pages for how I would like to spend days off. Being with family and friends, and dogs, doing just about anything. Or nothing. Being outside, biking, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, yoga, following golf, trying to take up pickle ball…anyone?? Giving back. Study leadership. Learn new things. Cooking, entertaining, reading. Did I say being with family and friends?! Oh, and traveling again.

What is your favorite restaurant in Sonoma County?

That’s a hard one! I love Guiso, the food is wonderful and the people just the best. Diavola is a go- to for me, always a nice meal and cocktails ala the Gun Club are a big bonus! Catelli’s is our family favorite – owned and run by the Catelli family, loved by my mine and always treated like family. Valette is always the perfect choice for a special night. The food is delicious and the staff is great. My favorite seats are at the bar! I love the entire crew at SingleThread and am amazed daily by what they (literally) have on their plates. Although not somewhere I dine often, or certainly not often enough, I am in awe of their support of our community and the spirit and love they bring to all they create. And Khom Loi for a spicy night in heaven!

Check back as continue to highlight the women at 32 Winds!