Mia Mascarin Shares the conception of 32 Winds and Mascarin Wines with Ray Fister from Life Between the Vines Podcast.

The story of 32 Winds and Mascarin Wines is one of passion, resilience, and a deep love for the art of winemaking. From the rolling hills of Northern Italy to the sun-kissed vineyards of California, the Mascarin family’s journey has shaped the wineries into what they are today.

32 Winds and Mascarin Wines are not just about exceptional wine; they are about sharing a family’s heritage and passion with the world.  For a deeper dive into our journey and to hear from Mia Mascarins directly, check out our recently added feature on, “Life Between the Vines”, presented by Ray Fister.

About Life Between the Vines and Ray Fister

Life Between the Vines is a premier wine podcast dedicated to exploring the fascinating world of wine through engaging interviews with winemakers, vineyard owners, and industry experts. Founded by Ray Fister, this podcast offers listeners an intimate look into the stories behind the labels, emphasizing the craftsmanship and passion that define the wine industry. With a particular focus on Sonoma County wines and family wineries, Life Between the Vines captures the essence of winemaking traditions and innovations.

Ray Fister, the voice behind Life Between the Vines, brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to his interviews. His deep appreciation for wine and his ability to connect with his guests make each episode a unique journey into the heart of viticulture. Ray’s commitment to highlighting the diverse and rich history of family wineries and the distinct character of Sonoma County wines has made Life Between the Vines a beloved resource for wine enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

For more insights into the world of wine and to hear captivating stories from the vineyards, visit [Life Between the Vines](https://lifebetweenthevines.com/).

Join in exploring the legacy and passion that define 32 Winds and Mascarin Wines. Every bottle tells a story, and we invite you to be a part of ours!

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