At 32 Winds Wine, nestled in the heart of Dry Creek Valley, our connection to the land extends beyond the vines. Our stretch of Dry Creek isn’t just a picturesque backdrop for our vineyards; it’s a vital habitat for steelhead trout, playing a crucial role in their lifecycle. This unique aspect of our terroir doesn’t just influence the character of our wines; it reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

A Preserve for Life

The Dry Creek, a lifeline for the region’s biodiversity, meanders through our backyard. Here, in our section of the creek, we are guardians of a natural treasure: a preserve for steelhead spawning and migration. These efforts are part of a larger commitment to maintaining the ecological balance of our estate, ensuring that we not only produce premium wines but also contribute positively to our environment.

Collaboration with Nature

Our sustainable viticulture practices are in harmony with the creek’s natural rhythms. We employ environmentally friendly farming techniques to protect the water quality and habitat of the steelhead. This partnership with nature is evident in the quality of our wines, which capture the essence of our unique ecosystem.

The Congressman Don Clausen Fish Hatchery Initiative

Further upstream, the Congressman Don Clausen Fish Hatchery at Lake Sonoma  plays a pivotal role in the conservation efforts for the steelhead population. The hatchery’s programs ensure the survival and health of these fish, supporting their lifecycle and migration patterns. Our winery supports and celebrates the hatchery’s mission, recognizing the importance of these efforts in preserving the natural heritage of Dry Creek Valley.

Join in on the Conservation Efforts

We invite you to visit 32 Winds Wine, where you can experience the beauty of Dry Creek Valley and enjoy this special place for yourself. Our wines are a testament to the land that nurtures them and the meticulous care we invest in every bottle. Learn more about how you can support the Hatchery and their conservation efforts below.

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