This month we are highlighting the women behind 32 Winds Wine in celebration of International Women’s Day. Many of you know that our team at 32 Winds is small but we are mighty! The women here make up the majority of that small team, each bringing their own unique strengths to the table and contributing to the success of 32 Winds.

Continuing our series of highlighting the women at 32 Winds, here is Mia Mascarin-Oven.

Mia Mascarin of 32 Winds Wine

Following in her father’s footsteps and her family’s rich history, Mia Mascarin Oven became the 4th generation in the wine business in 2010 after 20+ years in the energy industry. Mia and her father, Ed, work closely together to carry on the Mascarin family legacy of making exceptional wines. Mia’s main focus at 32 Winds is overseeing operations, while juggling finance, strategy and sales.

To get to know her a little better we asked her a few questions:

What is your favorite part of your job?

Bottling day! That’s when everything for the vintage comes together in a neat little 750ml package. I am grateful for all the hard work that goes into the harvest, and careful attention during crush, fermentation, and  elevage… but more than anything I am respectfully awed by nature’s course throughout the growing season, and how beholden we are to its whims.

What is your favorite wine varietal?

Most definitely a pinot noir. The rich aromatic ones that speak of the terrain that the grapes came from. But I love exploring varietals from other countries – Albarino, Rioja, and even Plavac Mali from Croatia.

How do you like to spend your days off?

Days off? Huh? If there was such a thing – perhaps a drive with my family along Hwy 1 from Point Reyes to Ft Ross, or a walk along the paths of mighty Armstrong Woods in Guerneville.

What is your favorite restaurant in Sonoma County?
I love the buzz & sights & smells of Valette, the delicious wood fired pizza of Campo Fina, the shared plates of Guiso Latin Fusion, and crispy crab tacos at Willi’s Seafood. We have such a treasure of culinary delights in Sonoma County – and Healdsburg is the epitome of what the county has to offer both in food sources and creative talent.

Check back as continue to highlight the women at 32 Winds!