32 Winds began as owner Ed Mascarin set out on a journey that led him back to his roots. Back to the vineyards. Back to the world of wine.

Born and raised in a farming community in Central California, Ed’s love for wine has been ingrained in him as the 3rd generation of vineyard managers and winery workers in his large Italian family. Together, he and his daughter Mia, have brought life to his vision to produce the finest wines in Sonoma County.

Many of you know about Ed, master of the vineyard and our fearless leader at 32 Winds. Many of you may not know however about the deep history of grape growing and winemaking going back generations in his family. The Mascarin Family journeyed from the Friuli district in Italy to Central California, where they played a part in the early history of the California wine industry.

Generation 1: Angelo Querin
Angelo Querin Painting by Mary Mascarin

Angelo Querin

Former falconer to Count Panciera at the Castello Zoppola in Italy. Hired by the Italian Swiss Colony Wine Company in 1902 to plant vineyards in California for the burgeoning American wine market. Eventually purchased land in Kingsburg, CA and planted his own vineyard, where he raised his 7 children.

Vintage photo at 32 Winds Wine
Vintage photo at 32 Winds Wine
Vintage photo at 32 Winds Wine

Generation 2: Antonio Mascarin
Vintage photo at 32 Winds Wine

Tony Mascarin

Emigrated alone to America from Friuli region of Italy at age 15. He worked odd jobs in construction and farming, finding his way to California. Began working for Roma Wine Company in the 1930s where he became the cellar master reporting to Louis Martini. Married Angelo’s daughter, Regina, and had two sons, Robert and Edward.

Vintage photo at 32 Winds Wine

The Mascarin Family

Generation 3: Ed Mascarin
Ed Mascarin with family dog at 32 Winds Wine

Ed Mascarin

Worked the family farm as a youngster, learning from his grandfather, father, aunts and uncles, about all aspects of vines and wines. Earned a scholarship to UC Berkeley and set his sites on Engineering. Returned to the wine world in the 1990’s, and eventually ran with 32 Winds in 2009.

Generation 4: Mia Mascarin
Mia Mascarin in the vineyard at 32 Winds Wine

This is ME! Left the oil industry to work with my father and resurrect the family heritage in winemaking.

Generation 5: Steven Mascarin
Steven Mascarin in the vineyard at 32 Winds Wine

Steven Mascarin

Chief wine swirler and future intern.