32 Winds

A boutique winery... saving the world from mediocre wine and having fun while doing it.

Our Philosophy

Sharing our environment where quality, individual growth, friendship and good times are all cultivated is at our foundation.


We take this to heart with the vinification of our award winning wines, the shared experiences that surround them, and the friendships they forge. These values, along with our stewardship of the land, are at our core. We love our home in Healdsburg, we love our wine and look forward to sharing it all with you.


Our Winery

32 Winds is a small family established winery, committed to making exceptional wines, located in Dry Creek Valley two miles from the Healdsburg Plaza. The winery and tasting room is nestled alongside the Dry Creek stream, a spawning preserve for Coho salmon and Steelhead trout.


We produce approximately 2500 cases per year of award winning Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet and Zinfandel from hand selected vineyards in the AVA's of West Sonoma Coast, Russian River Valley, Napa Valley, and Dry Creek Valley. The wines have received recognition (and 90+ ratings) in Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast, and are served in fine restaurants, luxury resorts, and clubs from Santa Barbara to New York City.


32 Winds operations began as owner Ed Mascarin partnered with industry-renowned winemaker Ehren Jordan in 2008.  The two worked together for nearly 10 years to create a foundation for our world-class wines. In late 2015, Jordan handed over the reigns, and we were thrilled to welcome winemaker Matt Taylor to the team! Taylor’s impressive career highlights a knowledge of winemaking and vineyards that are the perfect fit to build on 32 Wind’s passion for creating only the finest of wines.


Sherry Harkins is the big heart behind the magic of the 32 Winds Tasting Room. She has been with us since the beginning and is the architect crafting our guests’ Tasting Room experience into what it is today -- warm and inviting atmosphere that will leave you feeling as though you have always been a part of our family… and we hope you will be! You will find our 32 Winds Tasting Room down a dirt road, nestled behind 8 acres of our vineyards, and surrounded by lush gardens and towering walnut trees. Add to all that, the bocce court, picnic grounds, and deck overlooking the "not so dry" Dry Creek and you will want to stay there for hours, probably wondering where you can pitch a tent for the night. 

The rest of the Team. Ed's daughter, Mia, joined 32 Winds in 2010, wearing many hats in the small organization - she helps to market the wines, collaborates with her father on operations, and manages much of the administration. Christine Bizzell started assisting Mia with these endeavors in early  2014, and has been a part of the mix ever since (when she isn’t traveling the world). Liz Findeiss is our Wine Club manager, and the friendly face that will greet you at the Tasting Room and make you feel at home. She has an amazing palate and will guide you through the tastings with flair. And she can also fix just about anything! See all our bios here.

Matt Taylor, Winemaker


Sherry Harkins, Mia Mascarin and Ed Mascarin

Liz Findeiss

Christine Bizzell


Ehren Jordan, Founding Winemaker

Our History

And now for a little background on Ed Mascarin and how 32 Winds came to be.


Ed was raised in the vineyards of central California. His grandfather Immigrated from Italy in 1907 and Ed's father followed a few years later. They planted 40 acres of vineyard which is where Ed was raised and which he still owns. His extended family were farmers raising artichokes, apricots, peaches, nuts and grapes. His father, Antonio, while working the family vineyards also worked for the Roma Wine Company where he became Cellar Master. His boss was modern wine industry pioneer Louis Martini who later moved to Napa - and created history there.


Ed's Grandfather, getting ready to plow


Antonio Mascarin at Roma Winery 1943

Urged by his family and mentors, Ed pursued a college education and graduated with an engineering degree from the University of California at Berkeley. He played football and baseball for Cal. His varied work experience included the development and manufacturing of guidance and control systems for the Defense Department, the development and manufacturing of microwave ovens, outdoor power equipment, and jet engine components - culminating in his ownership of a company that manufactures heavy-duty mobile equipment. For the past 30 years, Ed always kept his finger in the wine business through his ties to the family farms and by his part ownership in a wine distribution company. The love of the vine brought him back to his roots.


After a 20 year involvement in the wine distribution business, Ed purchased a then very small 32 Winds operation from a group that was producing the wines solely for their private clubs. The winemaker who developed these wines is Ehren Jordan, who handed over the reigns to winemaker Matt Taylor in late 2015.


To firmly plant roots for 32 Winds, Ed purchased 8 acres of vineyard in Sonoma County, which also houses a small permitted winery. We have created a scenic setting for our tasting room and guest suite at this site. We can be found just two miles from the charming Healdsburg Plaza, located off of Dry Creek Road nestled alongside the Dry Creek Stream.


32 Winds Wine was named for the number of winds measured by the main points of a navigation compass. Here is the symbol used on our label:



The symbol also reflects the 32 points of the nautical compasses used by the first adventurers and explorers seeking the finest flavors and experiences the world had to offer... we continue that tradition with all we do today.